These albums cover an eclectic variety of styles, and are of varying quality from hi-fi studio productions to lo-fi live recordings, some with extensive digital signal processing to rescue from old cassette tapes/video recordings.
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Grrr! - Shhh! - Win!
image of Gershwin album cover
Solo piano music by George Gershwin
Alan "Louis" Lewis, piano, producer


Louis Lewis & Co. - Marlow Jazz
image of Marlow Jazz album cover
Jazz standards album, live at Marlow Jazz Club, various dates.
Jean Toussaint/Peter King/Frank Griffith - saxes/clarinet
Nigel Price - guitar
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/keys
Malcolm Creese/Matt Ridley/Adam King - bass
Elliot Toms/Dennis Smith - drum kit


ELM Trio - Hot Yoga.
image of ELM Trio album cover
Jazz standards album, live in rehearsal.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/keys
Mark Ponting - bass
Elliot Toms - drum kit


Soul Service.
Image of Soul Service album cover
Musical settings for Anglican morning and evening services.
Easy/medium difficulty, approachable by small choirs, adaptable to both family, mixed and more traditional worship styles - sheet music plus demo/backing tracks.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - composer/producer


Relentless Organization.
Relentless Organization album image

An album of solo church pipe organ music.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - pipe organ


Music from St Michael & All Angels Beaconsfield
image of St Michael & All Angels Choir compilation album
A mixture of live and studio performances by the choir of St Michael & All Angels, Beaconsfield.
Alan "Louis" Lewis, MD/conductor, piano/organ, tenor vocal


Big Sounds!
image of Big Band compilation album
A live Big Band compilation album.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/keys
Willie Garnett Big Band
Cliff Longhurst's Jazz Knights Orchestra
The Polka Dot Dolls
Jim Barton Big Band


The Seasons
image of The Seasons album cover
Jazz-tinged, easy-medium difficulty, sacred choral works, written for the main celebrations throughout the whole church year - sheet music and demo/backing tracks.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - composer


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Analiza Ching Live in Beaconsfield, December 2014
image of Analiza Ching live album
Analiza Ching - violin
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/keys


Sing, String, Swing!
image of Sing String Swing Paris album
Live recordings of the "Sing, String, Swing" tour of Paris, 2013
Alan "Louis" Lewis, MD/conductor


Oliver! - live
image of 'Oliver!' album
Live recordings, for demo purposes only, from production run of 'Oliver!', 2012
Anya Magee, Rosa Wicks, Becky Bankhead - vocals
Alan "Louis" Lewis - MD


Christmas With Laura & Louis
image of Christmas With Laura & Louis album
EP of vocal duet studio recordings.
Laura Campbell - vocals
Alan "Louis" Lewis - vocals, piano, producer


Christmas Concert 2011.
image of An Orchestral Christmas album
Live recordings of the choirs, bands and orchestra of BHS, Beaconsfield.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - MD/conductor


Supersingers live!
Supersingers image
Live recordings of Supersingers vocal group.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - MD/conductor/vocals
Hannah Belcher, Becca Jeffries, Lucy Carter, Laura Murray, Naomi Graham, Hannah Bennett, Emily Croft, Laura Campbell, Helen Mulhall, Izzy Merritt, Aimee Hain - vocals


image of McTrio demo album
Promotional demo sampler album, studio recordings, 2010.
Claire McInerney - sax/flute
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano, producer


Wedding Music for Organ.
'Wedding Music Sampler' - organ music
Examples of wedding music to aid couples in their selection, 2009.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - organ, producer


The BHeatles - I Wanna...
BHeatles Album Cover image
Live recordings, for demo purposes only.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - MD, bass, vocals
Becca Jeffries - vocals
Laura Aldridge, Zoe Coleman - guitars
Charlie Dunlop-Cunnington - drum kit
Hannah Belcher, Alex Maslen, Lydia Kenny - horn section


A Joyful Christmas.
A Joyful Christmas album image
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano, vocal, producer
Geoffrey Lewis - flute, drum kit
David "Dai" Lewis - tenor vocal


Reely Good Idea.
'Reely Good Idea' - Big Band + vocals  
Demo album of Frank Sinatra/Rat Pack Big Band numbers, 2006
Alan "Louis" Lewis - vocals, producer


image of Captivate - demo album of original instrumental music for media, composed and produced by Alan 'Louis' Lewis
A demo album of original instrumental music suitable for media or concert use.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - composer, producer


A Touch Of Glass.
'A Touch Of Glass' - Solo Piano 2005
A studio vocal album of jazz standards in trio setting. 2005.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - vocal


Songs From The Heart.
'Songs From The Heart' - jazz trio plus vocals
Latin jazz tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim, performed by saxophone-led jazz quartet. 2004.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - vocal/sax


Just A Trifle.
'Just A Trifle' - jazz trio, original compositions by Alan 'Louis' Lewis
A demo album of original jazz tunes, 2003.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - composer, producer


BUJO - Bristol Cream
image of Bristol Cream album
Album of live performances by Bristol University Jazz Orchestra, 2003
Alan "Louis" Lewis - keys, EWI


Log Cabin Sessions
 album image of RGS Log Cabin Sessions
Studio recording, 2001.
The 'Small Jazz Band' of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
Alan "Louis" Lewis - MD, producer, arranger
Tom Stothart - keys, producer
Paul Bell - alto sax
Matt Sawyer - tenor sax
Huw Grange - trumpet
Allan Palmer - trombone
Jack Dawson - drum kit
Olly Blaiklock - bass
Adam Cross - clarinet/sax


ALQ - On A Clear Day
On A Clear Day album image
Jazz standards recorded by the Al Lewis Quartet (ALQ) in Balliol College, Oxford, and in the Queen's Hall, RGS High Wycombe, 1999.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano
James Ryan - bass
Guy Buckingham - trumpet
Anna N. Voys - vocal
Alan Cook - alto sax


Annual Jazzeral Meeting
Annual Jazzeral Meeting album image
Jazz at the AGM of RGS Music Society, 1999
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/vocal
Rick Bolton - guitar
Alexander L'Estrange - bass
Elliot Toms - drum kit


Toast of '99
TOAST album image
The Big Band and Jazz Bands of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, 1999.
Maryam Jafari - vocal
Plus special guests Louis Lewis & The Lounge Lizards.
Alan 'Louis' Lewis - MD, piano, vocal
Alan Cook - alto sax
Rick Bolton - guitar
Alexander L'Estrange - bass
Elliot Toms - drums


Guildhall 1998.
image of Guildhall 1998 album
Studio and live recordings at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Barbican, London.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano


40 Birthday 70 - Louis Lewis & The Lounge Lizards Live - 1998.
40 Bithday 70 image
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/MD
Mark Armstrong - trumpet
Alexander L'Estrange - bass
Elliot Toms - drum kit


'Rugged' - classical/art music - solo vocal
Art Songs and Lieder, with piano accompaniment, studio recordings, 1998.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - vocal, piano, producer


Solo Piano Volume I

'Solo Piano 1995' album image
Solo piano music ranging from classical to jazz, latin and rock/pop.
Studio recordings in the Wills Building and Royal Fort House, Bristol, and Wesley Hall, High Wycombe, 1995
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano


Louis Lewis & The Lounge Lizards - Live!.
Louis Lewis & The Lounge Lizards Live album image
Jazz quartet standards, recorded live, 1993.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano
Alex Meinardus - guitar
Alexander L'Estrange - bass
Elliot Toms - drum kit


Lane End Methodist Choir Live
Lane End Methodist Choir Live album image
Album of highlights from concerts and services by the Choir and musicians of Lane End Methodist Chapel.
Alan "Louis" Lewis - conductor, piano
Dorothy Lewis - organ
Geoffrey Lewis - flute
Sopranos - Diana Rogers, Valerie Ridgley
Altos - June Holt, Barbara North
Tenors - David "Dai" Lewis, Neil Thorne
Bass - Alan Plumridge, Geoffrey Lewis


RGS Big Band 1991
RGS Big Band 1991 album image
Studio and live recordings.
Patrick Gazard - MD
Alan "Louis" Lewis - piano/hammond organ
Elliot Toms - drum kit
Alexander Walker - bass
Richard Proctor - trumpet
plus several uncredited personnel...get in touch if you have info!